Which of the following is true of software testing

Verification & Validation are the same things.

Verification: Testing is done on the documentation without executing the code.
Examples: Reviews, Inspection, code walkthrough etc.
Validation: Testing is done by executing the code.
Examples: Functional and non-functional testing, regression testing etc.

A Test Plan is a detailed document for all stakeholders (testers, managers & client)

Test plan is a detailed document which tells everyone (stakeholders) about how testing will happen in the project:
Test strategy: Approach, techniques and scope (what to be tested and what will note be)
Objectives: (Purpose and aim off the activities)
Schedule: timelines
Estimation: effort, in man hours
Deliverables: The reports & documents to be sent to the client
Resources required and structure of team
Tools to be used in the testing activity.

Early testing saves money for the organization.

The bugs found in the design & documentation phase save up to 10 times the cost of testing phase and 40 times the cost of finding the same defect in the maintenance phase.

Confirmation testing and Re-testing are the same thing.

Re-executing the same test case again to check if the bug is fixed or not is called Confirmation testing or Re-testing.

Which of the following can be considered beta testing
1. Customer testing the software after purchase.
2. Pre-release internal user testing.
3. Pre-release external user testing.

Answer:- 3. Pre-release external user testing.
Beta testing is the last phase of testing before releasing the software into the market.
Before release, different kind of users representing different user group checks the software for free and give their feedback.

A quality assurance engineer randomly checks…..

1. Critical end-to-end user journeys in exploratory testing.
2. Environment issues in an unstable build.
3. Major integrations in early integration testing.
4. If a new bug has arrived on his plate.
5. Major functionalities as a domain expert.

Is software testing easy?

A tester has to daily stand against his own team for a customer who will never thank him.
There is no fixed formula to assure that they found all bugs in the software.
The software tester has to force itself to prove the validity of the bug.
A tester has to always negotiate for his testing time and effort

Assured quality is necessary for building customer confidence

No matter how useful and valuable the software is for a customer, if it has bugs, it’s bad software.
With increasing choices of cost-effective solutions in the market, it is the quality that separates them.
Also, with social media popularity, one major bug can destroy the reputation of any software, no matter how popular.

Reviews can be considered part of testing

Reviews are integral part of static testing.
Static testing is testing of documents or code by reading and evaluating it.
In fact review is the most cost effective type of testing in the world of quality assurance.